Timo Glock Burnout 2008 Toyota F1 car

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Timo Glock looking to finish the season on a high

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By Liam, October 18, 2014 10:51 pm

Hockenheim is the new destination for former Formula One driver Timo Glock who is currently competing in the DTM championship. The celebrated driver seemed to be very excited at the prospect of racing in one of his favorite venues. He had picked up a win last time in the same place. Thereby he is confident of achieving success this time around as well. The atmosphere is sensational around the racing circuit. Each and everyone are excited. It has been a very successful season and the finale is tipped to be a fitting end to the proceedings. Timo Glock seemed excited about his own chances in picking up the win. A number of fans will be rooting for him in and around the circuit. The title race although has been decided to a great extent. The BMW team has been dominating throughout the season and will look to maintain their good form.

Timo Glock rides the number seventeen car of the championship. H e seemed very satisfied with the work that the engineers had put in behind his car. He was quoted saying that he was lucky to have such a great team with individual as well as team brilliance coming to the forefront after each race. The fans will obviously be expecting a lot from Timo in the last stages of the competition. He has had a history of finishing the seasons on top. The conditions are going to be very suitable for him and he is going to enjoy the track as well. Come the final day and he will step out as one of the most confident person in the line of drivers. The competition is expected to be tough as all the drivers will be trying to outdo each other and finish the season on a high.

Formula 1 Testing: Timo Glock – Toyota TF109 – Autódromo do Algarve

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Ferrari F1 will beat Williams to third, says Alonso

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By Liam, October 2, 2014 12:16 pm

Former world champion Fernando Alonso believes the Ferrari F1 cars are in a good enough shape to overhaul the lead built up by the Williams F1 team and secure third place in the Formula One Constructors’ World Championship.

The Italian outfit has been struggling throughout the season to cope with a resurgent Williams F1 team and fell miles behind them after a terrible performance in the Italian Grand Prix but has since clawed back its way into contention with a stunning showing at the Singapore Grand Prix recently and has narrowed the lead of Williams down to nine points. Continue reading 'Ferrari F1 will beat Williams to third, says Alonso'»

Timo Glock previews Istanbul Formula 1 GP

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Senna Background

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By Liam, August 26, 2014 3:13 pm

Bruno Senna is a racing car driver hailing from Brazil who currently drives for Aston Martin in the World Endurance Championship or WEC organized by the FIA.

Nephew of the legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, Bruno also had a brief stint in the sport that still regards his uncle as one of the all-time greats but never managed to make the mark as many people expected due to his illustrious surname.

The Brazilian signed up for the newly formed Hispania Racing Team ahead of the 2010 season of Formula One but after just one year with the team, moved on to Renault before ending his stay in the sport with a short stint with Williams in 2012.

Bruno’s grandfather, Milton da Silva first gave his young grandson the push he needed to get into motorsport and his love affair with racing started when he was just five years old. Bruno spent the summer holidays racing go karts with his uncle Ayrton who was immensely impressed by the talents of his nephew going on record to claim that if the media thinks he is fast, then they would be blown away by his nephew.

However, Ayrton’s death in a crash during a Grand Prix in Italy as well as his father’s death in a motorcycle clash a couple of years later brought the promising racing career to Bruno Senna to an abrupt halt.

However, despite two deaths in the family, Bruno’s mother reluctantly gave into her son’s love for racing and starting his career as a professional, Bruno has raced in Formula Three, the GP2 Series as well as the short live A1 Grand Prix.

But Bruno Senna will always be remembered as Ayrton’s nephew who never managed to live up to his uncle’s illustrious legacy in a Formula One car.


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