Timo Glock F1 race driver Tracking Action

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BMW choose Timo Glock for new SUVs

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By index, February 28, 2015 4:51 am

German auto giant BMW have reportedly selected Timo Glock for their new SUVs. Along with Glock, Marco Wittman & Joey Hand were selected as well.

BMW has taken this decision to launch X6 M & X5M at Circuit of Americas lately. These couple of uber-SUV cars have been taken to the famous Texan track & let loose. The result was smiling faces all around, including the 3 DTM drivers.

As per the experts, BMW has been right is selecting champions like Glock, Hand & Wittman as they are the best possible candidates to flaunt the very sporty SAC at its best. The three greats also helped journalists around with an outline of perfect lines round the course.

Added to technical improvisations, BMW has realized that cars with the runflat tires won’t be a great decision. Thus, they have partnered with Michelin & created this special tire to cater to X6M which they feel would be best compatible for the model. Continue reading 'BMW choose Timo Glock for new SUVs'»

Hockenheimring 2008 Formula 1 Timo Glock accident

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By admin, February 7, 2015 10:57 am

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Glock to receive £600,000+ from Marussia

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By index, January 19, 2015 4:24 pm

Leading German driver Timo Glock is yet to receive more than £600,000 from his old team Marussia.  Unfortunately, the Formula One backmarker has collapsed with a whooping 31 million pounds of debt to be paid to several esteemed creditors and Glock is one of them.

Marussia’s debt with Timo was highlighted by F1 business & Formula Money reporter Christian Sylt who mentioned about the amount in the squad’s administrative papers.  The documents revealed that the famous German racer, who competed for Marussia & its erstwhile guise Virgin, from 2010-2012, is a leading party owed highly by the squad.

Only McLaren, Pirelli, Ferrari & Freeman- who owed a net total of around 37 million USD- are owed most. Continue reading 'Glock to receive £600,000+ from Marussia'»

F1 2010 Codemasters Timo Glock onboard in Monza

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By admin, January 10, 2015 4:36 am

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Red Bull To Retain Sebastien Buemi As F1 Reserve Drive For Coming Year

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By index, January 7, 2015 12:08 pm

Red Bull have reportedly Buemi (Sebastien) as their reserve Formula One driver for the upcoming season in 2015. It would mark the 5th for Buemi in this role – the man was lately honored as the World Endurance FIA Champion along with fellow erstwhile F1 star Anthony Davidson.

Buemi was naturally delighted with Red Bull’s decision to retain him for another year as well.

“I am really glad to take up another season next year as the reserve driver for Red Bull”, stated a much pleased Buemi.

“It’s something like being a welcome part of this elite family now &  I do have a very good personal as well as working bond with everybody in the squad. I am eager to help out my team with development of RB11 in all ways possible. It would be quite a thrilling season & I delighted to be a vital part here.”

Sebastien’s initial stint as RB’s test driver began 6 years back in the year 2008. It was when  a very young Buemi was mounting through junior ranks while prepping for a F1 career. Post three seasons of Formula One racing with the sister squad Toro Rosso right from 2009 till 2011- when he took part in fifty-five Grand Prix, Sebastien came back to the Red Bull squad as the reserve driver in the year 2012.

“We are quite delighted that Buemi would once again stay as the reserve driver here”, commented Christian Homer, the team principal from Red Bull. “He has been very closely attached with the squad for years now & we highly value his stellar skills. We carry a fantastic working camaraderie with him. Buemi’s experience has been really invaluable over time & it’s awesome to have yet another world champ here at the squad.”

Race 07 – F1 2011 mod – Timo Glock – Virgin MVR-02 – Yeongam

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