Timo Glock previews Istanbul Formula 1 GP

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By admin, September 19, 2014 4:47 am

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Senna Background

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By Liam, August 26, 2014 3:13 pm

Bruno Senna is a racing car driver hailing from Brazil who currently drives for Aston Martin in the World Endurance Championship or WEC organized by the FIA.

Nephew of the legendary Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, Bruno also had a brief stint in the sport that still regards his uncle as one of the all-time greats but never managed to make the mark as many people expected due to his illustrious surname.

The Brazilian signed up for the newly formed Hispania Racing Team ahead of the 2010 season of Formula One but after just one year with the team, moved on to Renault before ending his stay in the sport with a short stint with Williams in 2012.

Bruno’s grandfather, Milton da Silva first gave his young grandson the push he needed to get into motorsport and his love affair with racing started when he was just five years old. Bruno spent the summer holidays racing go karts with his uncle Ayrton who was immensely impressed by the talents of his nephew going on record to claim that if the media thinks he is fast, then they would be blown away by his nephew.

However, Ayrton’s death in a crash during a Grand Prix in Italy as well as his father’s death in a motorcycle clash a couple of years later brought the promising racing career to Bruno Senna to an abrupt halt.

However, despite two deaths in the family, Bruno’s mother reluctantly gave into her son’s love for racing and starting his career as a professional, Bruno has raced in Formula Three, the GP2 Series as well as the short live A1 Grand Prix.

But Bruno Senna will always be remembered as Ayrton’s nephew who never managed to live up to his uncle’s illustrious legacy in a Formula One car.


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By admin, August 21, 2014 10:41 pm

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Motorbike Racing: Hedger Comes Back From Injury

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By Liam, July 30, 2014 8:01 am

Yate rider Luke Hedger is looking forward to get back to his track this season in the British Supersport Championship at the Brands Hatch this weekend. Hedger showed good signs in the qualifier round as he ended with sixth position but at the same time his campaign went downhill as he experienced a crash in the second race. Hedger’s favourite circuit Oulton Park witnessed the second round of the race. But there also, he was plagued by some technical glitches and he pulled out of the race. The YATE teenager Hedger who has stepped up after claiming the title last year has endured a couple of mishaps that have affected his progress.

Experts said that it should not be forgotten that Hedger broke his left arm during the testing round in the Mallory Park and followed by this mishap, he had to miss two round one in Knockhill and another Snetterton Park. But according to sources, Hedger will face two more practice sessions and qualifying rounds on Saturday. Now it is time to see whether these help Hedger perform better in the race. If he performs well in this event, it will give a big boost to Hedger’s career, believe the experts. On the other hand, it is believed that with Yamaha’s Seeley who clinched victory in the Brand Hatch grand prix will give a tough competition to Hedger in the coming days. The maximum points haul now puts Seeley is the second position in the overall championship. Seeley is one point ahead of Gowland who unfortunately got the third position the race. But experts believe that Gowland gave his best during the race, especially after the 10th lap, gave a decent show during the race. So Hedger needs to overcome his limitations very soon to put a satisfactory show in the upcoming races.

Timo Glock x Marussia F1 Team x Monster : EXCLUSIVE ITW

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By admin, July 24, 2014 5:31 pm

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3D Model Timo Glock 2009 F1 Helmet

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Concerns Regarding The Cash Crisis

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By admin, June 5, 2014 12:15 pm

Claire Williams, deputy team-principal of Williams’ warns that unless a serious cost cutting measure if introduced, the Formula One is going to face a serious cash crisis. At the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying, Williams was heard saying that some teams are at the risk of being forced out of F1 if serious action is not taken.

Renault, on Friday, admitted that they might face problems regarding maintaining a level of involvement considering the fact that some of the F1 customer teams were late in payments.

Williams told autosport.com that as an independent team they have and will always want cost control in F1. Sadly it’s something that has been going on for a long time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere or making any progress regarding it. This kind of problem can seriously affect the long-term sustainability of F1. Not only do they need to protect the sport but also the teams who have been part of it for a very long time. She feels that they are at a really critical junction and if someone doesn’t take responsibility or if something is not done about it now, then there is going to be some serious damage.

Williams has been working really hard to ensure that people keep trying to come up with proposals. However, they need to be significant ones that can save costs in F1. She admitted that the paddock is divided regarding the proposals for a costs cap. She thinks it’ll be highly unlikely.

Furthermore, people are concerned about the future of the sport in regard to Renault considering the fact that their recovery following the unfortunate pre-season test could be seriously affected by the late payments. The Renault car company provided some of the funding for the Renault recovery. However a large amount comes from customer teams who have not been prompt in paying.